Pricing is negotiable for those who have traditionally been under-represented in publishing, including those who identify as BAME or LGBTQ+, as well as those in the UK receiving income support. 

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One hour marketing consultation

INTRODUCTORY OFFER! Currently only £50/$65, for a limited time.

A one hour video consultation fully personalised to your needs. Do you need advice on using your online presence to generate sales? Are you publishing a book soon and need to know how to start marketing it? Would you like to brainstorm some content ideas with an expert? Perhaps your book has been out for a few months and you want some tips on where to go next with your marketing activity? Our call can cover any and all of these topics, and more.

Before our call, I will read your book synopsis and examine your online presence to provide tailored advice unique to you, your story and your situation. Following the call I will send detailed notes of topics discussed and my suggestions.

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Back cover copy (blurb) writing

INTRODUCTORY OFFER! Currently only £40/$50, for a limited time.
You can also add a blurb to one of my other services for just £10.

I will read your book (fiction or non-fiction) and write the back cover copy for you. If you feel it misses an important aspect, we can discuss and I will supply 1 revised version.

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Social Media Assistance

Variable depending on requirements, starting as low as £20/$25.


Variable by total word count of the piece:
Up to 20,000 words = £50/$65
Over 20,000 words = £20/$25 per 10k words.

I will check for spelling, grammar, flow, and consistency in tone of voice.


Variable depending on length, please contact me to discuss the precise length of your work.
Sample pricing:
20,000 words = £40/$50
70,000 words = £100
90,000 words = £120
I will typeset your work of any length in InDesign, and provide you with a PDF and/or the InDesign file. You will be able to select any fonts available in InDesign before I begin, and may choose different fonts for body text, chapter titles, running heads, etc.


Add a back cover blurb to a proofread or social media work for just £10.

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